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Residential Solar Companies


Residential Solar Companies

Solar power is an ideal way to lower or eliminate monthly electrical bills. Solar panels can also be used as a backup system for areas that experience frequent electrical outages. The panels can be placed on the ground, on poles, or in some cases on the roof of a house. They are positioned to catch the maximum amount of solar exposure and can run for hours or days—dependent upon the climate—without needing to recharge.

Leasing a Solar System

The benefits of leasing a solar system are the lower initial cash investment, setup of the system, and maintenance. This is the perfect option for someone looking for a way to save money and yet, not need to know how to setup or maintain a solar system. The benefits of leasing the system are similar to the benefits of renting a home. You get the security of a constant electrical supply without the upkeep.

Purchasing a Solar System

The benefits of owning the solar system is that there are no monthly payments. The initial cash investment will range from $10, 000 to $40,000 dependent upon your needs and expectations. Most companies will set the system up for you but you do need to know how to maintain the system, and you will need to understand how the system works.

Type of Solar System

The type of system you choose depends upon the amount of electricity you want to produce. You do need to know how much electricity you use per day, and how much of that usage your solar system needs to replace. To replace your monthly electrical bill with solar power, your initial cost will be in the upper thousands and your solar set up much larger. Whatever your needs, the option to lease or own is now available. 

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